Painful sex can be a big turn off for ladies. This act of love and mating is all about making each other happy and satisfying the hunger and the want to explore your partner’s body. God has created the bodies of men and women in the best way to support this act of love. Men are owners of penis that hardens up during sex while women wet themselves to allow easy penetration.

But sometimes, when the body is exhausted it fails to obey the orders of the brain and you may end up screaming in pain during sex which once used to be pleasurable. For women the pain can be excruciating if the vagina fails to produce lubricant. To avoid pain and friction, God has made women capable to produce natural lubrication which works as a gel or oil so that the penetration can be made easy but if lost, the friction can not only make sex painful but also damage the walls of the vagina if repeated.

A woman’s body is definitely one of the most delicate creations of nature yet strong as it goes through severe pain to give birth and faces hormonal imbalances every month and caters with the mood swing. Hormonal imbalance is one of the biggest reasons why most ladies face dry vagina these days. Stress, child birth, menopause and even a medical condition can cause the hormones to go crazy. Whatever the reason maybe, it is important to find a cure for restoring the lubrication of the vagina so that ladies can once again enjoy making love with their partner. Here are some simple solutions which will work perfectly for every woman with this common complaint: V Tight Gel

  • Creams and gels for lubrication

Those who are desperate for a solution are ok with the idea of using anything and everything that would work without even considering the consequences. There are many creams and gels available in the market but not all of them work and even most of them contain side effects. HerSolution Gel is one amazing formula which is made from 100% natural ingredients and so is totally safe to use.

Apply a little inside your vagina and the ingredients will absorb into the blood stream, targeting the brain to increase the supply of blood towards the vagina by increasing the production of estrogen in the body. As the levels of sex hormones in the body will increase, the nerve ending in the vagina will be stimulated and so it will be able to produce lubrication for pain free sex. This non-sticky and odorless HerSolution Gel also enhances your sex drive so that you can experience intense orgasms and try out something new with your partner.

  • Avoid “chemical” washes and soaps

Your vagina is very sensitive and maintaining the pH of the area is important as well. as much as women should take care of hygiene and cleanliness down there, they should avoid using soaps and body washes as they contain chemicals which can disturb the pH value of the vagina. Once the natural pH is lost, most women will not only complain about facing an issue of dry vagina but a lot scrubbing and washing down there makes it impossible to restore the natural balance which opens doors for vaginal infections as well.

Washing with plain water and that to once or twice a day is enough to keep the vagina clean and maintain the pH. Scrubbing and unnecessary use of products should be avoided by women if they want to enjoy pain free and pleasurable sex.

  • Exercise to strengthen the vaginal muscles

Exercising not only ensures your overall well being to lead a healthy life but is a great way to strengthen your vaginal muscles for more crazy and wild sex. When working out, more blood is pumped throughout the body and so more of it reaches the vagina as well. It stimulates the nerve endings and so a woman is successful in producing natural lubrication for fun and exciting sex.

  • Conclusion

Once lost, restoring the natural lubrication of vagina is difficult. A few changes in life style and precautions can definitely be helpful. But for quicker and guaranteed results, use HerSolution Gel which has been specially designed to cater such issues of ladies. It can be used before sex as the non-sticky and odorless formula won’t give a hint to your partner yet make sex easy and pain free for you.

Ladies who face the problem of dry vagina, it may take some time for them to restore their natural lubrication but with the right methods and techniques the process can be sped up for quicker results. Now no more painful sex because HerSolution Gel will make it pleasurable, fun and exciting for you like before so you can live a crazy, wild romantic life.