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  • Niacin- A Power Boost for Your Body

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    Niacin is an essential vitamin which is also termed as nicotinic corrosive. Generally regarded as vitamin B, niacin is a part of supplements in combination with other vitamins or alone. It improves the health by assisting in multiple body functions by assisting inactivation of enzymes. In high dose, niacin works best for treating high cholesterol levels. The dosage is extremely important which is usually suggested by the physician.

    Niacin levels can be disturbed in the blood which results in hormonal imbalance and reduced immunity. Oral supplements are available commercially which can be taken to regain the natural balance. Very fewer people suffer from niacin deficiency and most of them take supplements to gain additional health benefits.

    Researchers have proved the helpful role of niacin in cardiovascular illness. It supports the level of High-density lipids and reduces the triglyceride level. Also, it provides help to reduce atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and diabetic conditions.

    Niacin should not be interpreted with “nicotine” which is an active stimulatory compound of cigarettes and cigars. It provides cognitive upraise by using the system of acetyl choline. Niacin and Nicotine are two different things and therefore should not be linked or compared. Noocube

    Dosage Of Niacin

    Since niacin can be taken as additional supplement, the important factor is to understand the dosage system. The dosage is dependent upon the body requirement and niacin level.  It may vary from person to person. The sum is called dietary reference consumption (DRI) which suggests a natural level of niacin. DRI level of niacin is different for different categories. Some of the important categories and ideal niacin dosage per day is as following.

    Children– 2-16 milligrams (mg)

    Men– 16 milligrams (mg)

    Women– 14 milligrams (mg)

    The dosage for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is different since they have a different health status. The recommended dose is;

    Women (Pregnant)– 18 milligrams (mg)

    Women (Breastfeeding)- 17 milligrams (mg)

    Another exception is for niacin deficient people which need more niacin intake than normal. For those people, the recommended dose can be up to 35 milligrams per day.

    What Happens When You Take Niacin?

    Once ingested, niacin may annoy your stomach. This phenomenon is called niacin flushing and it goes away on its own after 5-7 minutes. To avoid niacin flushing, pharmaceutics suggests niacin be taken along with pain killer or anti histamine in starting which eventually makes your body comfortable with niacin flush. Within weeks, the body develops resistance against niacin reactions. Some users may feel redness of skin after consuming niacin which is another sign of niacin flush. It goes away in minutes on its own. It should not be confused with a side effect or reaction.

    Natural Sources Of Niacin

    Niacin (Vit B3) is a part of natural foods too but the quantity may or may not be sufficient to everyone’s body. The cooking recipes make the niacin levels to reduce and only a small quantity of niacin is provided to the body through food. Niacin-rich foods include eggs, meat, mushroom, vegetables, and spices.

    How Effective Is It?

    Being a helpful vitamin, niacin provides multiple benefits to the body. It aids in respiration on a cellular level. It produces more RBCs which are helpful to promote oxygen supply and blood circulation in the entire body. Niacin also increases the flexibility of blood vessels which improves circulatory system. It provides protection to the tissues against any physical injury by inducing a quick repair mechanism. It supports the nervous system. Numerous health benefits make niacin an ideal vitamin to be a part of a body. It is collected from food sources mainly but for a better health status, the oral supplements or injections are also used by many of the people.

    Risks Associated With Niacin Supplements

    There is not as such any risk associated with niacin supplement. A few people may feel a flushing sensation in their stomach which is a sign that niacin has started working. It is often confused with a side effect which is not true. It only happens when you start taking it. It gets better with time and the body reactions are controlled.

    Niacin Supplements

    Sometimes oral supplements fail to provide the suggested dose which is mainly because oral supplements follow a system which involves digestion. Most of the quantity is lost in digestion and then again in absorption to reach bloodline. For this reason many of the oral supplements do not provide required quantity of niacin.

    The maximum benefits of niacin can be attained by improving lifestyle choices and eating preferences. Although these factors contribute less but they provide benefits in the long run. An extra help can be taken in the form of dietary supplements followed by daily workout routine which contributes significantly to keep the body healthy.

    Advanced researches have formulated alternative ways to induce niacin in the body. Oral capsules and injections have become an older trend now and are no more popular among people. One of the leading products is NiacinMax which is designed on the innovative idea of niacin absorption. It uses a different pattern than oral supplements which makes it more effective than capsules.

    NiacinMax is available in a strip form which has to be placed inside tongue on an empty stomach. Its unique design initiates direct absorption where niacin reaches the blood stream skipping the process of digestion. This idea is effective to utilize the maximum quantity of niacin per dose and no amount is lost. It is advised to be taken early morning prior to breakfast. When taken on an empty stomach, it works even batter.

    Excessive fatty acids minimize the levels of natural growth hormones which is essential for physical growth. With an early morning dose of NiacinMax, the chances of fatty acids to hinder in growth hormone release are reduced to zero. Breakfast can be taken after 10-15 minutes. The recommended dose suggest only one strip per day, however, two strips can be advised for certain cases. In such condition, the second dose should be taken 3-4 hours before sleeping ideally. There are absolutely no side effects of NiacinMax but for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it has to be taken with a physician’s consent.